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I've been once only here and I really liked it , I will be visiting Dr.Lee more often since he is very good at what he's doing and understand you well, I have been looking for good chiro since my chiropractic moved to san Diego and I never found a good one until now and believe iv been into couple of them and I have a big experience with chiropractor because I have kyphosis
; (

Again I really recommend him

Newaf A.

My family were treated at Dr. Lee's clinic for a very few months. We were impressed by how much treatments he could offer as a chiropractor. Of all chiropractors we visited, Dr. Lee provides the most comprehensive and novel treatment options such as ultrasonic therapy. Different than the short follow-up visits at other chiropractic clinics, each appointment at Dr. Lee's office lasted for at least 30 minutes. He really cares and trusts patients and has a very good bedside manner. My family's back pain problems have been dramatically improved after a series of visits. I highly recommend Dr. Lee.

Yang Y.

"Harris is one of those genuinely good people out there in the world who treats his clients much more like a friend than they do "patient". Look no further if you're looking for a chiro you could trust."

Johnny W.

"Dr. Lee is one of the most patient, knowledgeable, and helpful chiropractors I've ever been to- and I've been to many. His techniques and treatments directly fix and sooth all my problems and pain. I always look forward to my treatments. Not only is he fantastic, his office staff always provides a warm and friendly environment for the patients. You won't go.wrong in choosing Dr. Lee as your chiropractor."

Tina T.

"Dr. Lee is absolutely the best chiropractor! His background and training as a physical therapist AND a doctor of chiropractics offers patients the best possible outcome. His method of applying electrical stimulation and ultrasound prior to the area of concern insures success. I always feel great after my visit to Dr. Lee's office. His personal interest in his patients health and wellbeing is tops. He correctly diagnosed my torn rotator cuff and ordered an MRI to confirm his suspicions - some chiropractors would have continued treating my sore shoulder rather than send me to another specialist. I''m grateful for the care and excellent service he provides. We are very lucky to have him in our community."

Shelly P.

"Great doctor knows what he is doing and gives me extra tips and advices too whenever I need help with other problems with just one time visit."

Tom T.

“I have been going to Dr. Harris Lee's office for almost 7 years now and I would never go anywhere else for my chiropractic needs. I first came to Dr. Lee's office when I had a snowboarding injury that resulted in major back and leg pain. Dr. Lee helped adjust my aching body and provided extra resources so that I can feel better quickly. He introduced me to a back-relieving pillow which helped me sleep comfortably for a good night's sleep without tossing and turning due to my backache. Dr. Lee also referred me over to his on-site massage therapist who expedited the healing process of my body. Dr. Lee is an effective and efficient doctor because he provides extra resources to help you get better quickly. Dr. Lee can quickly target your pain and help you feeling better immediately! I have referred over many friends and family because I know they'll walk out satisfied.”

Jinny K.

“Great doctor and service! I came here after getting into a car accident and Dr. Lee got me all fixed! Now I come regularly to get my back and neck tension out whenever needed. Their massage therapist is super nice too!!”

Theresa L.

"Pain free after visited Dr. Lee!! Best chiropractor in the bay area!!!"

Andy C.

"I was referred to see Dr. Harris Lee from friends for my back and neck injury. Dr. Lee healed my neck pain at my first visit. Excellent Work!!
Don't waste your time and prolong your pain anymore, come to see Dr. Lee and prove what I just said."

Kenneth I.

"I went to this place after I had a car accident. At first I thought it was just muscle so it's no big deal, but the situation was getting worse so I decided to give this place a try as it's right next to my work place. I was thankful that I saw Dr. Lee. After the checkup, Dr. Lee told me that I had a little misalignment on my back.

Dr. Lee gave me all of the treatments I needed to dramatically change my condition. He explained very well to me about my status and he knew exactly what he's doing. I was getting better and better over time. Everyone in the office was very friendly and professional too. By the time I left this place, I was fully recovered and felt like I never had an injury before!"

Dino L.

"Dr Lee is very caring and attentive professional. I started to see him after a car accident, he listened to my problems and started my treatment immediately. After a few treatments I really feel the difference and the pain has considerably reduced. Staff is very friendly and the massage therapists are fabulous as well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lee to my friends and family."

Cherry Y.

"I have never been to a chiropractor before and was very reluctant to go. However after going to Dr. Harris and have him snap my back in to the proper position I felt great. and the masseuses will put you to sleep. I am very lucky to have found Dr.Harris and his staff they actually know what their doing."

Terence F.

"My first impression to all chiropractors were just want to make money.But i was wrong when i met Dr. Lee.He was recommended by almost of my co-nurses.He has a dream and passion to his patients.Educate us nurses to live healthy and minimize the injury thru giving us more infos and benefits of his treatment.I highly recommend this doctor to everybody.All of his employees were accomodating,friendly and understanding.It's our next home because we feel relax,treated well and been taking care of."

Aireen A.

"Dr Lee proved my impression of chiropractors wrong. He knows his craft very well, very accomodating and armed with experience under his belt. The staff are all very nice and courteous. Indeed, this clinic makes me look forward to coming back to my treatment every week."

Anne D.

"I've been having back and neck problems for many years, and its about time I found a chiropractor that has finally been able to treat me!  Dr. Lee really know's what he is doing and leads you through every procedure and always informs you of your condition so you understand your body and the different stages of the healing process.

I was immediately impressed by how good I felt even after the first session. Dr. Lee is extremely professional but also makes you feel really comfortable from the start.  He is also really easy to talk to, and he speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English which is very helpful to elderly immigrants.  

His whole staff is also extremely nice, helpful and empathetic. I seriously recommend him to anyone if you're suffering any type of pain, he can help!"

Angelus C.

"My wife and I, my dad and mum uses him and his practice as our primary care. Dr Harris Lee is well knowledge in body as a whole and not just only "cracking" chiro. If you are looking for full-on wellness, therapy, or just want to body screen / check up. I HIGHLY recommend this practice! We were very lucky to find them and we will be going to them for years to come. Excellent Job!!!!"

Andre L.

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太感谢李国正博士了!只为我治疗了两次,我的肩周炎急性发作(也叫五十肩)就好了六七成,我认为这是奇迹! 我周三早上发现左臂不能活动了,完全不能动,还发了高烧,钻心的疼痛。我周四看了中医,进行了针灸治疗,但是不见好转。周五下午通过黄页找到李博士诊所, 李博士看诊后,用专业的手法和器具进行了医治,当晚就不痛了,也能安心睡觉了,周六又治疗了一次,胳膊可以抬起来了!周日早上居然能梳头发了。李博士真的 是妙手回春!我知道,这个五十肩在哪里治都没听说有这么快见效的,有的朋友的病情要好几个月才能见好,非常痛苦。在李博士诊所,他就是这么神奇的治好了我 的病痛。我真的不知道怎么感谢他!希望遇到我这样问题的朋友都来这里尽快康复!诊所的其他医生小姐也非常非常专业和亲切! 真心感谢!

Hongying L.


Shan O.

"實在要上來贊一下李醫生,我很慶幸自己遇到這個好醫生。我第一次見他是去年9月,在上班的途中車子被別人追尾了,當時在freeway高速行駛中,可想而知衝擊力有多大。事故發生後我的脖子當天就很酸痛不能動了,心裡很驚恐,我決定馬上去看醫生,但我以前從來沒有去看過chiropractor,不知道哪個好哪個不好,在毫無頭緒之下,無意中在華人工商黃頁上看到李醫生的信息,他在上面有超過100個好評,冒著一試的心態打過去,李醫生聽完我的情況後,馬上叫我去看他。他細心地檢查我的脖子,他很耐心和熱情地向我解釋現在的病情,令我驚慌的心慢慢平靜下來。他為我制定了治療方案,他很有信心地說,經過他治療後絕對不會有後遺症。幾次矯正後,我的脖子已經大有好轉。經過兩個月的治療後,我已經完全恢復了。沒想到我和李醫生的緣分還沒結束............今年二月, 我一時貪便宜去了一間小按摩中心按摩,結果悲劇了。由於按摩師的手法力度不規範,我的腰被扭歪了,是很嚴重的歪了,用李醫生的話,就是我上下身斷開了一樣。天啊,我那時痛得走路連腰都直不起來, 晚上睡覺不能轉身,對我生活造成極大的困擾。我又再一次飛奔去找李醫生,他又再運用他精湛的醫技,經過幾次的治療,我的腰已經恢復正常,一點也不痛了。悄悄告訴大家,李醫生長有帥又年輕,他告訴我他有10幾年經驗的時候我還以為他說笑呢。他對病人熱情耐性有禮,臉上經常有陽光的笑容,李醫生的助手Katy也是很好的。李醫生絕對是個值得信賴的醫生。李醫生,謝謝你治好了我,愛你愛你愛你愛你! ! ! !"

Abbi A.

"Dr. Lee is wonderful. He is so knowledgeable and professional. He fix my PMS problem. I always have lot of pain and bloating in my stomach during my period. I went to see Dr. Lee from a referral of my friend. He fixed my low back pain and eased the pain and stomach bloating from the menstrual cycle for just 1 visit. I had never felt that great for years:) Thank you Dr. Lee for helping me. 100% recommend to people who suffer the same problem as me. I am so grateful to have Dr. Lee in our community!"

Orange C.

Glad to really found Dr Lee! I had pain on my left shoulder and it was treated with just 4 visit! He really cares about making people feel better and not suffer, very genuine person. I got the package deal and my treatment consisted of 3 parts - his cracking of the bone, physical therapy and massage. Everything works well together and I also love the fact that they will work with your schedule to make sure you are pain free! No wonder he was voted the top in the Bay Area!!

Wendy T.

"Dr. Lee as well as his assistant are doing perfect job with professional skills and very nice personality. He speaks English, Mandarine and Cantonese (as far as I know, not sure if more), making the communication much easier:)"

Lin Y.

"I have been going to Dr. Lee's Chiropractic Office for some weeks now. He is awesome in providing chiropractic adjustments. You can receive stem therapy(electrical stimulation), ultrasound, etc.

His massage therapist Jasmin does a great deep tissue massage. I highly recommend this place. Very friendly Doctor and staff. I am sitting on the computer a lot and I have gotten a lot of relieve from going there.

I really appreciate this Oasis.

Greetings, Ankita"

A N.

"My wife and I were rear ended in a car accident. We were hit really hard. As a result, we took neck and back injuries.

We have been going to Dr. Lee since the accident (allmost 2 months now). My wife and I are almost 100% again. They have a great staff working there.

If you have any kind of back/neck problems, I would recommend going to see Dr. Lee and his staff. They really know what their doing."

Royce R.

"I have been under the care of Dr. Harris Lee and his Staff for the past 2 weeks and I highly recommend Him!!!

I was rear ended on 5/22/13.  By Saturday, 5/25 I was in great pain.  I did some research on Yelp and found Dr. Lee. His office is a few blocks away from my home and he had good reviews.  Dr. Lee phoned me back and took me in immediately. In fact this was an after hour ER appt.  I am very happy that I found him.  I never have been in an auto accident nor seen a chiropractor but knew I had to see a Chiro with all the pain in my neck and lower back.  Dr. Lee is knowledgeable.  He fully explained the treatment and results.  He is compassionate and has a healing hand.  

Thank you Dr. Lee!"

Michelle B.

"He is a excellent and understandable of patient. He is caring on his patient, and work around with my schedule. I have try a few Chiropractic, and get a recommendation to visit Harris. After the visit, I found he is a very knowledgeable or different situation. Extremely flexible with patient appointments, paperwork and payments
Most important thing is he care on my health that on't push me to get several visit. He will evaluate my problem, and sometime did go additional effort to help me to get my knees and elbow treatment.
He is different from other chiropractic that I have visited, which try to do it in a hurry.
I HIGHLY Recommend to visit him if you have any Chiropractic related issues. Without him I will still hopping one after another to find the right one."

Ray K.

"Very clean, great person came here from car accident and he got me all fixed up."

Mike T.

"I couldn't walk, sit or change position and Dr. Lee did an excellent job in recovering lower back pain and same day appt was offered. I would recommend him 100%."

Rajesh R.

"My mom comes here and one day she decided to bring me here. It was like my first chiropractor thing experience and I can say that it's good. It felt great! I like how they have music in the massage room and it completes the whole "Relaxing" mood.The place is clean and chill. Dr. Lee and his staff are very friendly and approachable. They greet you with a smile which I think is a good way to approach patients because it radiates off a good vibe!

I also like how Dr. Lee gives a small time to socialize with his patients, it's like making a new friend because it's not like those typical doctors that tells you what's up and just leaves the room and sees you later, but Dr. Lee is not. He also gave me a poster of all the muscles in the body! That was on his wall since I was very interested in it:) Nd I wont forget how he didn't trip about my dog being there, aha thanks Dr. Lee.

I love how everyone is there is polite and nice , it makes me want to come back for more and not only that the massages are great I even get sleepy, that's how great it is. Overall, I recommend this place because not only the people are great, but also they do such a great job to make sure their patients are leaving with a smile on their face and also coming back for more :)"

Kasmir M.

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