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Dr. Harris Lee Chiropractor Fremont
Dr. Harris Lee Chiropractor Fremont

We strongly encourage custom made orthotics for each patient that we see in the office, whether they come in with neck pain or low back pain. Our orthotics are custom made for each person’s unique imbalances and are designed to give you proper support from the foundation up. Our patients experience great results from simple addition of their custom made orthotics results include; reduced pain, improved strength and mobility, and better balance. The results leave patients feeling more confident, energetic and ultimately lead to a speedy return to an active lifestyle.


If you have been settling for the pharmacy or the basic shoe store orthotic, you will notice an immediate difference with the Footleveler Custom Orthotics. Over 90% of the patients who have Footleveler Orthotics love them, and we are confident you will have the same experience, that’s why there is a no-risk, money back warranty allowing you no other option than a pleasant experience.


Call 510-220-8211 to schedule a custom foot scan and free consultation.





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