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Dr. Harris Lee Chiropractor Fremont
Dr. Harris Lee Chiropractor Fremont

Skeletal misalignment is not the only problem facing many patients. Improper alignment and use of the body can cause connective tissue and muscles to be out of place. One of the best ways we’ve developed to assist our patients in keeping their bodies in perfect balance and prime health is corrective exercises.


We provides patients with exercises that help strengthen and correct their own unique problem. We are able to do this because the corrective exercises we provide are designed specifically for each patient. Through teaching patients these special “blueprint” exercises we are giving them tools that will help them extend the good work that’s been done here, and improve their overall outlook of recovery and excellent health.


Mobility and strength are two major factors in keeping your body healthy over the length of your entire life. Exercising and stretching your muscles, ligaments, and tendons is necessary to maintain mobility and strength. This is especially true in our modern lives where many people spend time working at desks in front of a computer all day long.


The individually designed corrective exercises that we provides for you are meant for use in the comfort of your own home. This makes them convenient and can amplify the benefits of the adjustments you receive in the office. In fact, at home corrective exercises designed by Dr Harris Lee specifically for you can improve the effectiveness of your spinal correction 30-40%.


Contact Dr. Harris Lee about taking corrective exercises home and adding an extra boost to your health.


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