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以手力醫治疾病的發展可遠溯至二千年前 的希臘文化,CHIROPRACTIC 由希臘文 CHEIRO PRATIKOS 演化而成,意思就是「親手而成」。醫生常用的醫療技巧包括 脊科矯正術 CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT 及手療醫學法 MANUAL PROCEDURES,就是以雙手調整功能性錯位 FUNCTIONAL SUBLUXATION 的脊椎、骨節、神經及肌腱 系統至正常的機能,令病人的身體功能恢復平衡,痛症消失。 此外,醫生還會使用一些輔助性治療;如超聲波、電療、激光、牽引矯形鞋墊等。並指導病人有關人體工程學,正確的姿勢、營養、適當的運動及良好的生活習慣






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請即致電 510-220-8211
" I was referred to see Dr. Harris Lee from friends for my back and neck injury. Dr. Lee healed my neck pain at my first visit. Excellent Work!!
Don't waste your time and prolong your pain anymore, come to see Dr. Lee and prove what I just said."


Kenneth I.


"I went to this place after I had a car accident. At first I thought it was just muscle so it's no big deal, but the situation was getting worse so I decided to give this place a try as it's right next to my work place. I was thankful that I saw Dr. Lee. After the checkup, Dr. Lee told me that I had a little misalignment on my back.

Dr. Lee gave me all of the treatments I needed to dramatically change my condition. He explained very well to me about my status and he knew exactly what he's doing. I was getting better and better over time. Everyone in the office was very friendly and professional too. By the time I left this place, I was fully recovered and felt like I never had an injury before!"


Dino L.
"My wife and I were rear ended in a car accident. We were hit really hard. As a result, we took neck and back injuries.

We have been going to Dr. Lee since the accident (allmost 2 months now). My wife and I are almost 100% again. They have a great staff working there.
If you have any kind of back/neck problems, I would recommend going to see Dr. Lee and his staff. They really know what their doing.
Royce R.
"My first impression to all chiropractors were just want to make money.But i was wrong when i met Dr. Lee.He was recommended by almost of my co-nurses.He has a dream and passion to his patients.Educate us nurses to live healthy and minimize the injury thru giving us more infos and benefits of his treatment.I highly recommend this doctor to everybody.All of his employees were accomodating,friendly and understanding.It's our next home because we feel relax,treated well and been taking care of."


Aireen A.

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